Friday, May 4, 2012

full of envy

Mind busting with jumbled mixed matched assorted bullshit tossed on a passionate fire of lusting youth. Seek the truth in pixels only read in a voice of technology. Wishing for the comforting caress of careless words effortlessly uttered from the lip so soft so sweet. Full of innocence and energy bound forth like a jolt of while lightening singing suppressed songs of like. If only understanding was as simple as breathing.

cannot get my mind off you

Its like a soothing
breeze flowing through the
windows of my mind.
Strong enough for me to
feel it wrap around me
and ruffle my paper thoughts.
Warming and cooling my
core, creating a conflict of
curious content. Leaving
me confused.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Larry Lessing spoke of remixing and recreating. He shows this through a comedic yet interesting way. Each video clip shown was very unique in its own way. It seems that today it has become harder and harder to come up with brand new never done before ideas. So, we as a culture have taken to refreshing and remaking things in a new light. He also started off talking about how business and law are choking creativity, but times change and so do laws.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Each of the videos were very inspirational. Paula made many good points about process and how she works by instinct. I feel many times the first idea tends to work out the best, but on many occasions it isn't till the end that something finally clicks. so, process is set to weed out all the bad ideas and make sure you have thought about your idea in the round. David spoke about designing through self indulgence. if you feel the design is right then go with it. design to what YOU like, what YOU feel is right. The last designer i watched was lawrence weiner. I thought his work was simple but powerful. his ideas about the universe and the his example of the stone and what it could be used for was powerful and thought provoking. oh and i really enjoyed his beard and how soft spoken and wise his words felt.


Debbie Millman is President of the Design division at Sterling Brands, New York, host of the radio show "Design Matters" on, the Chair of the new Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts, a contributing Editor at Print Magazine, and a design blogger for Fast Company. She is the President of AIGA and the author of three books.
I listened to the talk with Steve Frykholm. It was interesting to hear about his start in the peace core. My cousin was in el Salvador for 2 years in the peace core, so it is always interesting to hear about other peoples experiences abroad. Also, interesting that he grew up in KS. I really like how he has been everywhere and has worked in such a broad variety of work. over all the interview shows that life is full of twists and turns and to never leave an opportunity left behind.


GOOD is good. It has many links to a wide variety of media. quite inspirational. everything has a purpose. personally i enjoyed looking through all of the infographics and observing the array of different topics they cover. The videos were intriguing. great bled of type and graphic illustrations. the two i watched were very similar. in both i liked to continuos music in the background combined with the narration then the little sprinkles of sound fx here and there. over all the i bookmarked good, and hope to maybe subscribe to the magazine.