Wednesday, December 15, 2010

End of Project04

Project Description:
After understanding the history of the illuminated letter you will be explore the contemporary counterpart. Create a series (3) of illuminated letters based on the visual language of an artist(s), designer(s), architect(s) of your choosing.

Project Overview:
I very much enjoyed this project. It allowed for absolute freedom. The main reason I enjoyed this project was that I was abale to sketch and utilize many different mediums to try and represent artist I personally look up to. Thinking back over my artists I would have done the exact same ones but would have liked to do another for Jim Henson, I mean come on the muppets in space was great! I may in the future go back and create more drop caps for other artists or even create more for the artists I have studied for this assignment. All in all this was my favorite project of the year.