Saturday, April 2, 2011


I personally like Gotham as a font that is very similar to Futura. They are both geometric sans-serifs, but gotham tends to set a bit wider. In response to Jessica Helfand's article, I found it intriguing that so many people are using futura. I have been drawn to use it myself, because of its sleek geometric qualities. It is interesting that a typeface created in 1927 is now considered to be modern and hip. As a designer it seems that I do tend to lean on which typeface I like more. It seems a rookie mistake to tend towards that, so before choosing futura again, I will ask myself, "Does this portray the right meaning and feeling of what i am trying to say?"
The other article I read was by Michael Bierut. Once again it seems that Futura is causing problems. With so many people designing these days, it is becoming harder to create something completely new and fresh. It seems our only chance left right now is to remix what has come before us. I hope I do not fall victim of ignorance in design. There is much to learn yet.

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