Tuesday, August 24, 2010

defining definitions.

grid: regularly spaced horizontal and vertical lines
  • the use of a grid allows for an organized way of displaying a designer's ideas. it is an easy way to read concept; good for compare/contrast
modular grid: a grid with four rows and four columns
margins: the negative space between the format edge and the page contents
module: an individual component that can placed with others
flow-lines: alignments that break the space into horizontal bands
gutter: blank space between columns
hierarchy: a way to level the information portrayed in importance, this makes it easier for the viewer to navigate through.
  • by grouping like materials and placing them in a visually pleasing alignment, one can create an excellent sense of hierarchy. to do this one can shift the image or create a much more significate size contrast.
typographic color: something different. a change in the rhythm, value, texture and weight of text that makes it either recede or be drawn forward to the eye and can sometimes dramatically change the hierarchy of the text.

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