Tuesday, September 28, 2010

classy fonts

old style - considered friendly, it is based on traditional calligraphy. typefaces are low contrast with a diagonal stress. scooped serifs, sturdy without being heavy
*Bembo, Caslon, Garamond, Jenson, Palatino

transitional- transition between renaissance old style and modern typefaces. more contrast between thick and thin strokes. tall x-height
*Baskerville, Caslon, Perpetua

modern - very exact and mathematical. no horizontal emphasis. hairline serifs
*Bodoni, Bauer Bodoni, Walbaum

slab serif - mono weight, used for ads in the early 1800's. geometric machine like impact. uniform serifs
*Serifa, Rockwell, Memphis Clarendon, New Century Schoolbook

sans serif - does not have serifs at the ends of the letters. divided into three groups: grotesque, geometric, and humanistic.
*Futura, Foilio, Frutiger, Franklin Gothic

script - based on a fluid handwritten stroke. similar to cursive
*Brush Script, Casual Script, English Roundhand, Handwritting, Rationalized Script

blackletter - an elegant solution to a tricky design problem: parchment was precious and economy of space was vital, but the text also had to have sufficient oomph to hold its own against the spectacular illustrations surrounding it
*Fraktur, Old English, Rotunda, Schwabacher, Textura

grunge - use special effects to create a texture upon the typeface.
*Almanach, Stencil, Graffiti, 3 The Hard Way Overrun

monospaced - the same width, used when exact and consistent spacing is needed
*Typewriter, Arete Mono, Arial, Chainprinter, Chunkfeeder

undeclared - a mixture of all sorts
*Gotham, Fixedsys, Cooper Black, Optima, Copperplate Gothic

Scala Sans
-sans serif
-designed by the Dutch typographer Martin Majoor beginning around 1990
-roman, italics, small caps

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