Sunday, March 6, 2011


“What single example of design inspires you most?”
“What problem should design solve next?”
I agree with Georgia Christensen, that it is almost impossible to figure out one thing that inspires us more. Also, I continue to agree that the next thing that needs to be tackled is public transportation. My brother works for the Lawrence Public Transit. So, I have a small insight into what it is like to move people from place to place efficiently.

Daniel Pink nominated the eraser as an example of inspirational design. Not a bad idea, I use my eraser quite often and I have used the backspace button several times in creating this post. The erasing idea is to clean away the mistakes to make way for a new and better idea.

Pete Docter had a great introduction and a clever way capturing my attention. He believes story is both the most inspirational and the problem design should solve next. Interesting on how much one can looking into a story and analyze it to figure it out.

K. Kirk & N. Stranberg both are inspired by the iPhone. I also am inspired by apple and the inovation apple brings about. Sadly, I feel like we need to start working for more interaction between human and human instead of hardwiring ourselves to a server.

Finally, Marc Lathuilliére spoke wonderfully about his inspiration. I am truly intrigued by his favorite book Pornographe. I agree to never judge a book by its cover. I also agree with his idea of creating more diversity and this idea of being aable to speak in more ways and move away from compete simplicity.

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