Monday, February 7, 2011


the writers tool box, sums up many creative creation strategies. many of these strategies we have been taught though out our lives. the use of the methods help generate more ideas by helping us dig deeper. like little mind shovels. each method is different and can help in different ways.

mind map. simple, quick, and good at starting up the think tank.

concept map. relationships and associations.

free writing. 3-5 mins of writing what comes to mind. blah blah blah if needed.

brainwriting. allows the whole group to participate. not just those who can move the mouth.

word list. quick associations, one word. describe

all in all these strategies were created as was to build ideas and approach things in new ways, also to think around, behind, on top, inside, outside, up, down, over, above, below, under, and through the task at hand. personally i like the word list and mind map. they both allow for quick brain storming. they can be thought of a kind of lighter fluid to my minds smoldering coals. once applied sometimes the fire can get out of hand, sometimes it can just flare up, and sometimes if i am lucky it will get my hamburgers cooking nice!

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