Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Jonathan Harris is a computer wiz. He combines his computer science knowledge with architecture, statistics, storytelling and design. Harris speaks about how technology consumes life. His speech is full of sorrow and the problems with trying to create art with technology. He continues talking about how he feels like he is a slave to his computer. This thought scares me. I have always tried to balance my time at my computer with time with real people and my sketch book. It is terrible to think on how efficient the internet and technology can make social life. Nothing compares to actual human contact. I have always preferred to talk to someone in person than over the internet or phone. To write code is a completely different language, it can make you lose your humanity. But to know it helps create your own "space". When Harris talks about how people have their own "housing" on the internet. He speaks so truly, so very interesting on how companies can sell the same space to hundreds of thousands of people. I agree with his statement on how designers need to help push for humanity rather than technology. It is quite interesting the way the mind is moving toward code. This idea of the mind computing like a computer is similar to the novels I am reading right now by Frank Herbert. These novels were written in the 60's and 70's, so it is interesting that humanity is becoming immersed in technology. Maybe soon these books may come near to reality? hahaha

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